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Saint John Wall Catholic School

A Catholic School For All

Development Homework

August 2019
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Catholic Life

Curriculum Outline

At this school, we believe that all human beings are created in the image of God, and that each shares in God’s purpose to bring life and allow creation to flourish.  This underpins the work and nature of the school, and is endorsed in our mission statement.

'To educate each and every unique child in our care, to hear and respond to what God calls them to be'

Saint John Wall Catholic School is a Catholic School for All and as such welcomes pupils of all faiths and religious backgrounds.  We recognise that the personal development of our pupils, Spiritually, Morally, Socially and Culturally plays an important part in their ability to learn and achieve. We attempt ensure that each pupil develops into a well rounded citizen who can contribute to society through the skills they have acquired during their time with us.

The Catholic Life this year will follow the Jesuit Tree which proposes eight pairs of virtues that sum up what a pupil in a Catholic school is growing to be thus ensuring the personal development of all pupils.


This year we will be focusing on vocations by hearing and responding to what God calls us to be. 



Jesuit Values


Attentive and Discerning

LO: To listen to and understand what God is calling us to be.


Faith-filled and Hopeful

LO: To believe, follow and trust in God's plan for us.


Grateful and Generous

LO: To be thankful for what we have in life and share it with others.


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