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Saint John Wall Catholic School

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Saint Joun Wall
Feast Day August 22nd Saint John Wall was born near Preston in Lancashire in the year 1620.

When old enough to leave home he was sent to the famous Seminary at Douai where he studied Humanities until the year 1641. He then went to Rome where he studied for the priesthood. He was ordained in 1645.

In 1651 he became a Franciscan (called Father Joachim of St. Anne) and returned to England in 1656 to spend 23 years in missionary work: 12 of these were spent in the neighbourhood of Harvington Hall in Worcestershire.

It was at Rushock Court, not very far from Harvington, that Saint John Wall was captured in 1678 and taken before a Justice of the Peace where he made a public profession of his religion and also swore loyalty to the King. All to no avail as he was taken to Worcester where he faced trial. On the 22nd August he was executed by being hung, drawn, and quartered. He died in his 60th year and the 29th year of his Priesthood.

He was canonized on December 15th 1970 by Pope Paul VI. School celebrates this day as a special day of prayer and reflection.